Paramount Pictures sexes up Sonic the Hedgehog for upcoming film

Reddit user u/7K28 attempted to fix the production company’s image of Sonic (left) with his editing skills (right).

Sega be damned!

The first images of the main character in the new Sonic the Hedgehog live-action animated movie have emerged online, and longtime fans of the speedy blue rodent introduced in the early ’90s Sega game aren’t impressed.

In fact, some critics, such as the guys at WhatCulture, seem to think Sonic’s new visage and build have been a bit, uh, sexualized.

When an early silhouetted image of Sonic was unveiled by Paramount Pictures, WhatCulture’s Adam Clery thought the character’s new muscular legs were “absolutely the most horrifying thing in the world.”

Then came the leaked images, which Kotaku quickly snagged yesterday before the original post was yanked from the web.

“Dear god, dear god; it’s absolutely horrifying,” Clery said. “They’ve tried to make him look as realistic as they possibly can, but it the process, they made him look… they tried to make him look hot.”

Clery’s co-host Josh Brown said the muscles were bizarre enough, and then “they gave him this weird smolder.”

“It’s the eyes that really throw me off,” he continued. “It looks like he either wants to shag me, or attack me, or both at once.”

Even Sonic creator Yuji Naka weighed in on the perplexing reimagination of the iconic hedgehog.

A tweet of his, translated by Kotaku, says:

“I feel like, with this Sonic here, visually, the important thing to look at is the head and body ratio and the roundness of the abdomen. I wonder if they couldn’t have balanced them a little bit better… These images of Sonic aren’t coming officially from the movie-making source; I think it’s possible they’re being strategically leaked, though getting people talking about it ‘because it’s bad’ can’t be good for Sonic’s existing IP.”

Check out the WhatCulture coverage of this catastrophe below:

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